- Frequently asked questions

  • What does Gad Auto Photo App do?

    GAD Auto Photo App leads you thorugh the photography process and helps make photos of your car with the correct angle, distance, order and, if desired, transfers images directly for processing.

  • How does the AI processes photos?

    The AI processes images by detecting a car and all its details, cutting out the vehicle from the original photo, generate a shadow if needed and pasting it on the preselected background.

  • How much time does AI needs to process photos?

    It depends of number of photos you've uploaded and guidelines you've used. On avarage 1 photo is being processed 10-30 secs

  • Сan I change background after photos have already been processed by AI?

    Of course, the photos can be downloaded with custom settings where you can choose another background, resolution and file size if needed

  • Can I save chosen guidelines as preset for further use without selecting ones?

    Extended functionality is available in GAD24 APP for professional dealers

  • What if I'm a professional dealer?

    If so, you can download GAD24 APP for professional dealers and use extended functionality, such as:

      - Large quantity of guidelines
      - High quality illustrated guidelines
      - Abiliti to save guidelines as presets for further use
      - Much more bacground to choose
      - Much more cut types
    And other features


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